Welcome to the Ellsworth Comunity School District Facilities Scheduler!

The Ellsworth Community School District Facilities Reservation is now available.  All building use requests must follow these steps.  Board policy requires that each user present evidence of the purchase of organizational liability insurance.  

How to become a "requester" and then how to make a request for a facility reservation:
STEP 1: Click on "Become a Requester" link on the right hand side of the form (light blue bar).
STEP 2: Fill out all fields in the form and click on "Create an Account".  In order to be approved you must upload your proof of insurance form.
STEP 3: Wait for confirmation from Claudine Claflin that your application was granted. 

STEP 4: Begin making reservations on the website. Please note the fee schedule on the district webpage:  http://www.ellsworth.k12.wi.us/community/facility-reservations.cfm

When making a reservation please provide us with the most detailed information you can on your event/activity, this in turn will help us provide the best customer service that you deserve during your event/activity.  Ellsworth Community School District looks forward to working with you.


If you have any questions or concerns about the facilities calendar please contact the building's principal:

Ellsworth Elementary School - Mary Zimmerman zimmermanm@ellsworth.k12.wi.us - (715) 273-3912

Ellsworth Middle School - Jon Dodge dodgej@ellsworth.k12.wi.us - (715) 273-3908

Ellsworth High School - Mark Stoesz stoeszm@ellsworth.k12.wi.us - (715) 273-3904

Ellsworth Athletic Director - Ann Huppert huppertan@ellsworth.k12.wi.us - (715) 273-3904